Scarlett Alexis On TrikePatrol Showing Her Hot Pinay Body

Scarlett Alexis finally makes her TrikePatrol appearance!

Hot Filipina Scarlett Alexis is ready to give a massage for TrikePatrol

First off, we have not forgot what made Trike Patrol great about 17 years ago. What started in Angeles City in a 3-wheeled motorcycle has turned into a global phenomenon! Let's not forget that a majority of TP scenes are STILL coming from the land of puki, aka the Philippines. When we come across stunning Filipinas such as Miss Alexis here, it is a must that we share her beauty and skills with all of you Filipina fanatics!


Scarlett Alexis And Her TrikePatrol Episode

So, I must say that this has got to be one of the most interesting mongering stories of all-time. As our vlogger was minding his own business, Scarlet here backed right into him with her car knocking him off his feet! Lucky for us, Scarlett is a certified massage therapist and a licensed chiropractor. She was nice enough to offer her services to our injured patrolman to ease the pain.


Happy Ending For An Epic Scarlett Alexis TrikePatrol Episode

Firstly, I could only imagine how much pain our patrolman was in, just looking at those fresh bruises caused by this accident. I guess this is a situation of collateral damage, lol. It didn't take long until some extra services were offered, and our patrolman was back to a healthy condition so he could continue patrolling for kinky Filipinas.


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