Salome Salvi Films Her Kinky Diary For TrikePatrol

Salome Salvi Is A True Filipina Star

Salome Salvi rides in a trike before TrikePatrol shoot

First off, just take a look at Salome Salvi! I will say that our members and fans across all platforms and social media accounts are in love with this Filipina stunner. Not only has she become a big hit in the Philippines, but we are lucky to have her on the site, twice! Maybe a third is in the making? Let's just keep our fingers crossed!

Salome Salvi And Her Filipina Sex Diary For TrikePatrol

It doesn't get any better than this! Salome Salvi starts filming as she hits the gym for some pre-love-making cardio. Once Salome is warmed up, she meets the lucky stud that will get a taste of this Filipina treat. It is quite obvious that she has a talent for being in front of the camera and most will say that she seems like a pornstar from the USA.


Want more of Salome Salvi?

As mentioned, Salome Salvi has been on TrikePatrol twice, so don't forget to head over to the site for more of the Filipina puki-pumping fun! She is also on Twitter and FB, so simply search her name and we are sure that you will find what you are looking for!

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