Ember Snow And Her First TrikePatrol Appearance

Ember Snow's Epic First TrikePatrol Episode

Ember Snow walks in broad daylight in a cute dress

First off, isn't Ember Snow the perfect Filipina beauty? When we're not patrolling the streets of Angeles City or Manila, we like to try our luck here in the States. At the time, our lucky patrolman hit the jackpot here with Miss Ember. Since Filipinos can be found literally anywhere on the globe, it works out great for us when we are stuck here in the boring western civilization, lol. Overall, this is defiantly a top 10 TrikePatrol episode of all time, that says a lot given the fact that we've been patrolling for Pinay puki since 2006!

About this EPIC Ember Snow TrikePatrol Epside

As mentioned earlier, Ember Snow was waiting under the California sun all alone at a local bus stop. It was not until long that our TrikePatrol stud took notice, I mean, who wouldn't? After a little flirting, Miss Ember was stuffing her mouth with something rock-hard! For argument's sake, this legendary TrikePatrol scene will be loved by Pinay lovers for decades! Hell, it is still a top viewed scene, even after 6 years since this scene hit the site.


Want more of Ember Snow?

Due to the fact that this scene really got the love from our member's, we brought her back for another scene! So, if you have yet to check it out, head to the site. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and you will also easily find Ember Snow's account :)

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