Trike Patrol News September 2022

Kinky Filipina in bed with toys

Filipina Loves Kinky Play in Philippines

Does Rose look familiar? If she does, it's because she was featured on Trike Patrol earlier this year. She's definitely unique and stands out from other Pinays on the web, mainly because she loves including toys during her naughty adventures. If you love wild and kinky Filipinas, you'll for sure love Rose and her 2nd Trike Patrol episode.



Older Caucasian model sits on bed looking beautiful and sexy

The Brandi Love Is Officially on MILFtrip

It's for sure been a wonderful and exciting recent week at our sister-site. Since Brandi Love's recent episode has launched, all the MILF fans have been going crazy for this insanely hot MILF. For 2022, you can't say MILF without the stunning star Brandi Love coming to mind. Head over to MILFtrip to catch this hot and sexy babe showing off her sexy and mature body. 



Scams and warning when traveling to the Philippines

Mr. C Shares Ways To Keep You and Your Wallet Safe

Now now, I'd hate to speak in such a negative way about the Philippines and the beautiful Filipinas, but sometimes the whole saying "too good to be true" definitely is the case. You see, the Philippines is full of heartwarming and pleasant citizens, but like anywhere in this world, money plays its part in everyday life. When jobs are scarce and opportunities are limited, bargirls will and do take advantage of silly tourists as they return home and put these chicks on support. I really hate to tell you, but majority of these girls are playing you. Can you find real love in the Philippines and Angeles City? YES! OF COURSE, but you just need to be careful. Money makes the world go around, especially in a third world country. 



Avery Black is welcomed by her stepbro

Avery Black Is BACK!

For the third time, the extremely hot Filipina babe is back on Trike Patrol. This time, she visits her step-bro after arriving back in the States from the Philippines. After their parents recently got married in Manila, Avery visits her newly acquired step-bro. I don't want to spoil the whole episode so head over to Trike Patrol for this kinky and naughty TP scene!

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