Trike Patrol News August 2022

Thick LBFM Asian Filipina Patrolled by New Guy

Just a couple weeks ago, a new friend of TrikePatrol landed this cute spinner babe. Stephanie Naval was followed from inside the mall all the way to the busy streets of Manila and shortly after she was in a trike with Mr. AJ. The rest was history but let me say this; this blue-eyed Asian hottie was hotter than a summer night in the city of Manila. So, if you have yet to check out this fresh piece of Asian meat, simply head over to the site. 

Filipina babe laying down in hotel looking pretty





Filipina Slut Won't Stop Cumming! This is her THIRD time!

Just last week, we dropped another hot and exclusive scene. She might look familiar, and I'll tell you why. Kiki has been on the site TWO times; this is the third time she has been featured at TrikePatrol. The previous 2 times, she was banged out by our homie Law, but this time she was back at it with some white meat stuffing her Asian pie-hole. I've seen many horndog Filipinas before, but Kiki just won't stop cumming! I never knew they still made this like this anymore....

red head asian horny baby poses in bed





Shy Asian Starfish Films Adult Video In Manila

Alright TP fans, luckily, we are still updating multiple times every month, which brings me to next week's scene scheduled for release. The new stud was able to land another fish during his rookie year patrol. Mjane is the name, and she was obviously overwhelmed by AJ's package. I won't spoil too much, so don't forget to swing on by next Friday to check out this exclusive TrikePatrol episode.

skinny asian poses for camera in hotel looking cute for cameraman





Who Is Ready For A Philippine Trip???

Many of us have been stuck here in America or Europe since the pandemic started. We all know that traveling abroad has been modified against our favor. I did some research, and I am happy to say, airfare has been dropping at least 30-40% compared to recent month. Of course, airfare is always high in the summer for Americans, but has been insanely higher these recent years due to COVID. For the upcoming month, you can fly from LA to MNL from a decent starting price of $900. If you wish to travel, I'd suggest doing it before the holidays as they tend to triple in price. 


As for vaccinations, the Philippines have yet to change guidelines. You can always see the current requirements to enter the Philippines at the US Embassy site of the Philippines.

beautiful Philippines beach with aqua water and sand


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